Should banks in zimbabwe be worried about ecocash ?

Me thinks not, and I’ve got the coolest info graphics to prove my point.

Instead of fighting the establishment,they should be embracing the technology to leverage on a super user experience.

22% of mobile users globally have performed banking activities on their phones. While 15% of mobile users globally have used their phones as a mobile wallet, where they pay for products and services via SMS, a mobile phone app, or by touching their mobile phone to a sensor. – from Kantars, info graphic on money goes mobile;
I think the market has yet to deliver the ultimate end all and be all mobile solution in Zimbabwe. There is significant room  to improve and deliver a mobile lifestyle.  And i would unashamedly recommend that companies in Zimbabwe talk to to  get their mobile thinking groove on.
Inmobi’s infographic on mobile media consumption patterns should convince you if nothing else. Consumers are spending more and more time on their devices. its your captive audience, and you want to move their transactions to the same device.
* drops chalk and walks away from the  board*  # HelloChildren!