soaring on a new high

This is the final post in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10.

Reflecting on what i have done the past 10 days( okay 13, there was the two day hiatus, plus a Sunday). My favorite part of the challenge was obviously the first three days, because i love new beginnings. I jump into new ideas and projects all in. It helped me to clarify, but also to understand that my dreams are within reach.

The best lesson i have learnt out of this process is the Pomodoro technique of managing my time. As i shared, i jump into new ideas and projects at the drop of a hat, i’m always running multiple ideas at a time. Pomodoro has been really effective for me to chunk my tasks and be effective to finish the most important.

What i take away from this;

1.. The value of getting started- just go out there and start. Fail , get up, but just start

2. We all have a unique perspective on the same idea. I really enjoyed reading the other multiple bloggers on the challenge. Everyone’s perspective is important, but more importantly so is yours, so don’t shy away and draw back, share your ideas, views , thoughts with the world. The world needs your unique voice.




life as a nomad, is it for me ?

Not all who wander are lost. JRR Tolkien.

I have a desire to travel to at least two continents in this lifetime, i cannot die before travelling across Europe and South America. But i must live in Africa, and lately i think anywhere in Africa for me would be a dream.(Cape to Cairo).

This blog is responding to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9. What is your location independent life look like ?

Change of location is not something i would want to constantly do in my life, i believe if you want to bloom you have to stay planted somewhere. I’d very much like though to work on my own terms. Digital jobs are more and more making it possible for workers to be located anywhere in the world.  This means we can explore our dream destinations and stay a little longer rather than limit vacations to a week and come back to work.

How about carrying your work with you, and immersing yourself a little in a place


choose your adventure

Today’s blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8

In  many ways i am already living my adventure! Living and working in a foreign country, but also one where daily life is  quite difficult.  I read somewhere that rankings rated Zimbabwe as among the worst countries to live in the world, even lower than Syria!

Nothing could be further from the truth than that. Often media shapes the narrative of a nation, and sometimes it can be difficult to change. Whereas life is tough in this economy, families living on less than a dollar a day, its not as bad as living in a war torn country.

My morning walk, was my adventure today, and the trees and flowers lining my path, just made me grateful, that my time here is the most peaceful my life has ever been.

#Living life on a beautiful lane











just get started.. Day 7 challenge

What a no brainer, but also so fundamentally difficult for me. I always find a myriad of reasons to put off the things that matter the most to me.

One of the lessons i have learnt watching my husband start his craft business has been, “stop talking, just get moving.” There’s no point in dreaming, journaling, wishing for the things you desire, if you are not going to take that first step !

Today’s blog post is my response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7. What actions will i take to beat procrastination ?Procrastination drives me up the wall in my life, and more so when i recognize it in others.

Some of the most valued lessons again i am carrying into this, is my experience with MVP scenarios at work. Shipping out the minimal viable product and then iterating  fast to your next product. But it all begins with daring to get started.

My imperfect action on beating procrastination is going to be continuing with the Pomodoro technique! I have loved its effectiveness in the total of 2 days that i have used it.It allows me to work on my most important projects quickly and stay energized  without getting  bogged down by too many ideas at once. Stick to one task, follow it through for 25minutes till complete. Rest, Repeat,.


find your tribe- Day 6 Challenge

Another post following  Natalie’s 10 day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

As they say, if you want to know a man’s true character look at his friends, well today’s challenge is about surrounding yourself with mentors and people that you admire and who have achieved the things you want to.

I never had a mentor before, and the only person i admired from a distance and had the balls to ask actually turned me down. Nonetheless , that did not stop me from seeking out wisdom and lessons from other mentors and coaches that i follow regularly.

First one is Sunny Bindra., who delivers the most succinct nuggets on management, leadership, personal development with humor. He’s real, relatable and his style is authentic. I’ve read both of his books,and enjoy browsing through his blog weekly like this one here Mark Zuckerberg in Kenya

If i could sit down with Sunny for coffee, i’d ask him , “where did you start out ? what sort of experiences led you to develop your management wisdom and style ? If i want to be a business mentor and coach , what should i do ?”

The second mentor i follow is Marie Forleo. She’s funny, relatable, authentic, and a true influencer in the online business community. I want to know, what does it take to get to that level ? What was her first step, or foray in online business ? and what mistakes should one avoid ? check out her blog on mentorship


success planning.. Day 5

Today’s post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5. 

Having found my focus, how do i go about  planning for success in my chosen freedom plan ?

Firstly, i don’t seem to plan with success as my end goal, i typically plan to wade through my to do list and just knock as many items off my to do list as possible. This means that i end up working on low priority items, or things that do not make a difference to my overall plan whether completed or not.

A successful day for me, would be one that moves me closer to my goals, career, self-development and wealth creating.I have to start with my long-term goals front and center.

Secondly , my other struggle areas, are trying to do it all! I have too many things i am currently pursuing, too many unread books, a bucket pile of unfinished ideas, MBA assignments due, family business tasks not planned for and work related items i know to be important. I rush at all of them with the same enthusiasm, but burn out because you can only do so much.

Key number one for my success :I need to start with the end in mind, figure out what my successful day looks like, everyday. Chose 1-3 things to achieve. Focus my mind and efforts on a few , once complete i can add other things.


i’m no superwoman… Day 4 Challenge

Loving the challenge to identify many  of the things i barely take a second to think about. Today’s blog is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

and the not so simple but seemingly easy task is to identify your super powers. The things that you are so good at, that can be your sweet spot in life. Basically from the concept of good to great- what you are passionate about, and what the world really needs and that sweet spot where they collide and you can make money…

So here goes;

Things i  am good at;

  1. writing
  2. connecting with diverse people
  3. bringing teams together
  4. identifying opportunities
  5. connecting dots( and not the coloring book kind 🙂

What are the things i really enjoy

  1. Finding answers to the puzzles around me- i love it when the questions i have, and those of people around me are answered
  2. digging deeper- surface is boring, i love the mystery of finding motivations, why things are the way the are,
  3. I enjoy reading and hearing a good story… stories are how i make sense of the world..

What do my friends and colleagues think i’m good at ? This was my favorite part because i got to hear some interesting bits of myself i had not considered ?

  1. I am persistent and determined
  2.  wise and don’t give up easily…

But i couldn’t have figured out my superpowers without my friend and they are

  1. Smarts- i’ll always figure it out, and know what needs to be done
  2. I am brave

So in a nutshell, my super powers are ;

an analytical mind, that doesn’t give up till the puzzle is answered .

determination and persistence

Bravery- yeah every super hero needs a large dose of this one. 🙂