soaring on a new high

This is the final post in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10.

Reflecting on what i have done the past 10 days( okay 13, there was the two day hiatus, plus a Sunday). My favorite part of the challenge was obviously the first three days, because i love new beginnings. I jump into new ideas and projects all in. It helped me to clarify, but also to understand that my dreams are within reach.

The best lesson i have learnt out of this process is the Pomodoro technique of managing my time. As i shared, i jump into new ideas and projects at the drop of a hat, i’m always running multiple ideas at a time. Pomodoro has been really effective for me to chunk my tasks and be effective to finish the most important.

What i take away from this;

1.. The value of getting started- just go out there and start. Fail , get up, but just start

2. We all have a unique perspective on the same idea. I really enjoyed reading the other multiple bloggers on the challenge. Everyone’s perspective is important, but more importantly so is yours, so don’t shy away and draw back, share your ideas, views , thoughts with the world. The world needs your unique voice.