success planning.. Day 5

Today’s post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5. 

Having found my focus, how do i go about  planning for success in my chosen freedom plan ?

Firstly, i don’t seem to plan with success as my end goal, i typically plan to wade through my to do list and just knock as many items off my to do list as possible. This means that i end up working on low priority items, or things that do not make a difference to my overall plan whether completed or not.

A successful day for me, would be one that moves me closer to my goals, career, self-development and wealth creating.I have to start with my long-term goals front and center.

Secondly , my other struggle areas, are trying to do it all! I have too many things i am currently pursuing, too many unread books, a bucket pile of unfinished ideas, MBA assignments due, family business tasks not planned for and work related items i know to be important. I rush at all of them with the same enthusiasm, but burn out because you can only do so much.

Key number one for my success :I need to start with the end in mind, figure out what my successful day looks like, everyday. Chose 1-3 things to achieve. Focus my mind and efforts on a few , once complete i can add other things.


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