find your tribe- Day 6 Challenge

Another post following  Natalie’s 10 day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

As they say, if you want to know a man’s true character look at his friends, well today’s challenge is about surrounding yourself with mentors and people that you admire and who have achieved the things you want to.

I never had a mentor before, and the only person i admired from a distance and had the balls to ask actually turned me down. Nonetheless , that did not stop me from seeking out wisdom and lessons from other mentors and coaches that i follow regularly.

First one is Sunny Bindra., who delivers the most succinct nuggets on management, leadership, personal development with humor. He’s real, relatable and his style is authentic. I’ve read both of his books,and enjoy browsing through his blog weekly like this one here Mark Zuckerberg in Kenya

If i could sit down with Sunny for coffee, i’d ask him , “where did you start out ? what sort of experiences led you to develop your management wisdom and style ? If i want to be a business mentor and coach , what should i do ?”

The second mentor i follow is Marie Forleo. She’s funny, relatable, authentic, and a true influencer in the online business community. I want to know, what does it take to get to that level ? What was her first step, or foray in online business ? and what mistakes should one avoid ? check out her blog on mentorship


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