i’m no superwoman… Day 4 Challenge

Loving the challenge to identify many  of the things i barely take a second to think about. Today’s blog is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

and the not so simple but seemingly easy task is to identify your super powers. The things that you are so good at, that can be your sweet spot in life. Basically from the concept of good to great- what you are passionate about, and what the world really needs and that sweet spot where they collide and you can make money…

So here goes;

Things i  am good at;

  1. writing
  2. connecting with diverse people
  3. bringing teams together
  4. identifying opportunities
  5. connecting dots( and not the coloring book kind 🙂

What are the things i really enjoy

  1. Finding answers to the puzzles around me- i love it when the questions i have, and those of people around me are answered
  2. digging deeper- surface is boring, i love the mystery of finding motivations, why things are the way the are,
  3. I enjoy reading and hearing a good story… stories are how i make sense of the world..

What do my friends and colleagues think i’m good at ? This was my favorite part because i got to hear some interesting bits of myself i had not considered ?

  1. I am persistent and determined
  2.  wise and don’t give up easily…

But i couldn’t have figured out my superpowers without my friend and they are

  1. Smarts- i’ll always figure it out, and know what needs to be done
  2. I am brave

So in a nutshell, my super powers are ;

an analytical mind, that doesn’t give up till the puzzle is answered .

determination and persistence

Bravery- yeah every super hero needs a large dose of this one. 🙂