what’s your why ? – Day 2 blog challenge

Why do you do the things you do ? Why do i want to live a life of freedom ? As you know by now i am following through on the challenge to blog for the next 10 days. Today’s challenge is finding your Why ?Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2

My why, is related to my value system. I believe that there’s more to life than a big house, a car and the perennial plot. We are uniquely created and designed for a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is not grand, but its meaningful and it has its place in the universe.

I want a life of freedom to build others, to grow others. Starting with my family. I have an amazing family, with whom i would like to spend more time with, and help them achieve their goals and dreams. In so doing, i will have accomplished my purpose, to have built a legacy by raising up others to a greater level. To inspire, to lead , to encourage those around me, through my unique perspective and experiences.

I am satisfied to see growth and development in other individuals because of the time spent with me. You can teach, mentor, coach by being uniquely you , and living an authentic life, doing you. Unafraid to show vulnerability, unafraid to speak your truth.blog-challenge-badge-12


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