finding my voice- 10 day blog challenge

So its been a while since i delivered the content that i wanted for my blog. Honestly have spent too much time worrying about what to say in a foreign country  while  running a start-up. For the most part i  have been navigating my expatriate identity in a country whose economy is upside down, and building networks that can help me succeed.

So to remedy the silence, I am taking part in a 10 day blog challenge Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1, and the first part of that exercise is to identify the challenges that prevent you from living a life of freedom.


Fear of sleeping hungry, fear of being laughed at, fear of letting my kids down, fear of letting myself down. Fear of the sky, fear of crowds, fear of pretty much every unrealistic thing that my mind can conjure up. Fear of failure, succeeding , fear that i have made the wrong choices. Fear that i have nothing of worth to say. That has prevented me from telling my story, giving voice to my dreams and desires.


Yes we all get the same 24 hours in a day, but i like to sleep 8 hours, otherwise i don’t function. I’m proudly #team5am, but by the time i’m done with exercise, getting ready for school,  healthy breakfast choices, commute to work, its pretty much That leaves little time for reflection, dreaming , planning. Mornings are my magic hour, but i loose too much time running around.


As i try to complete my MBA, i find that the goal post is no longer as exciting as when i started. The assignments, the work, alongside my chaotic life, running a business, taking care of my family, leaves me too exhausted to give it my best.

There it is, my lame reasons for not getting down to create the stories that i am passionate about

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