take a leap of faith…

it has been an interesting year 2016 if you operate your business in Zimbabwe.  We have had the highest number of company closures since the hyper inflation period, a deflated economy, and the constant threat of uprising and its repression.

With 90% unemployment rates in the market, its only natural that many will venture into entrepreneurship, “the hustle.” No doubt if you have run any sort of business in Zimbabwe you can attest to why the country ranks among the bottom of nations with a low ease of doing business.

yet there are still many organisations thriving, and making a profit without making a splash in the news. Forget the top businesses, with the near billion dollar rankings and turnover. I’m talking your mom-n-pop enterprises, one man businesses that have stayed afloat and continue to invest in scaling their operations and growth in an economy that is sinking.  Vendors who despite the odds, have found a retail niche to provide for their families.

It takes a certain courage to wake up everyday in this environment and go out and pursue your business with a sense of optimism that you are going to win.  When nothing in the system is geared to help you win. Open your eyes, and you will find many pockets of innovation, enterprise and creativity that are keeping this market afloat.

All is not lost, the time to pick yourself up and invest in your idea is today. Get started, get cracking and go out into the market. Fail, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get right back on that horse. The successes  you hear of today were born from that spirit that is so prevalent in this region, getting something started.

Start-ups are gaining ground everywhere, from small retail enterprises, vendors, artists, musicians, cross-border traders. Start-ups as a word seems to have been monopolized by the tech industry, that people everywhere forget that the airtime vendor, that artist selling his designs at a craft fair are essentially also start-ups! All it takes is a leap of faith to build your business , one  brick at a time.