the pie is bigger than you think..

There seefunny-pie-cartoonms to be an underlying mentality lately that once you identify an idea, or business opportunity you must guard it to death. I mean it seems logical that to attain a first mover advantage would lead to great profit.

Nothing wrong with this, entirely…except,how this shrinking pietitis presents itself.  I take issue with those suited business types running around NDA’s in tow thinking that their idea is the next best thing since sliced bread!

Ideas are a dime a dozen, ” there’s nothing new under the sun, “said the wisest king that ever lived. Worst still are the large corporations that lock down  whole value chains with disastrous contracts preventing whole industries from thriving just to protect their shrinking margins from “disruption.”

The lesson I have learnt lately is that in life we all have a unique and unending capacity to create. Given the exact same tools, ideas and even execution plans , we can still find myriads of new ways to express our creativity  and create entirely new ideas and plans. New industries are being founded everyday from every day simple concepts. Taking small pieces of this  or that to build a whole new thing.

To quote from the never ending mobile money innovation files, banking existed for hundreds of years, yet this simple technology is redefining the financial sector. In other news  the transport sector that looked completely dominated by Uber, Safaricom in Kenya is yet again threatening to overthrow an industry with its little cabs.

When IBM dominated computing and hardware, still Microsoft and Apple were born.My first mobile phone was a Nokia 3310, who could have imagined a world then without Nokia phones.

I say all that to say this,” it doesn’t matter what you perceive the challenges to your idea being implemented today are.” Its not like that idea is your last, or the best you will ever have. Ideas may be time bound but they are not finite.

The pie is not shrinking, opportunities abound, go out and bake a whole new pie, if you just dare to believe in your creative capacity.