Random facts about Mobile

InMobi_Network_Research_Infographic_Africa_AprilThey say that mobile will revolutionize the way we gather and interact with information by 2015.That mobile is big is no longer in question. Its no longer the next best thing, its actually THE THING. As we continue our info graphics lessons, here are some interesting facts about mobile, to get you thinking about the possibilities.

1. We don’t share phones even with our Spouses!

2. Information is always available 24/7 even when idle

3. By 2013 Mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device WORLDWIDE!

4. 7 out of 10 people sleep with their phones within reach

5. Twice as many people have phones than they do credit cards

6. Smart phone sales will surpass computer sales by 2013

7. Mobile phones will become the dominant platform for listening to music by 2020.

two years ago social media,the power of mobility and connectedness was used to overthrow some very powerful dictators,i.e Tunisia, Egypt. Mobile payments have now entered their disruptive phase- consumers have already adopted the new thinking, that you can pay for services via your phone.

If mobile isn’t already a part of your marketing or customer acquisition strategy then it should be.