mobile is changing media strategy

Media brands around the world have woken up to the reality that the fourth screen is the new consumer mind-share play ground.  According to Sports Illustrated, a leading brand amongst others such as GQ and Marie Claire, “Mobile provides an opportunity for continuous conversations with our readers and creates a forum for the most up-to-date information people want when they are on the go,” said Kenneth Fuchs, vice president and general manager of Sports Illustrated Digital, New York. “It is important for our content to be available whenever and wherever people look for it.

“Interactivity brings magazines to life, and allows for a deeper relationship with the editorial and the advertising.”

This week  luxury jeweler Tifanny & Co have debuted an iphone application that merges mobile and interactive shopping for customers looking to buy an engagement ring. Unique features of the application include, the onscreen sizer that allows users to place an actual ring on the screen and get their correct size.

Now that is innovative.

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