Has makmende died a sudden and irrevocable death ?

Indulge me for a minute as a I carry this thought forward.

Props to the creators. Brilliant concept, innovative content, poor execution. The hype was surreal, just writing about it gives me goose bumps on the myriad of possibilities that Makmende could have had on various consumer channels. Makmende’s sudden death from the blogosphere and media attention proves one thing, that the customer is mobile.

His creators did not understand the consumers’ mobile lifestyle. If they had, they would have quickly piggybacked on the blogs and media attention to give the consumers a compelling local content offering. The mobile consumer is characterized by short attention spans, so communication must be high impact with a call to action if it is to be remembered. 40,000 fans on Facebook is not a small feat to achieve. The community was not only willing to consume the Makmende brand, but created the most interesting user generated content on the Makmende quotes.

There is a huge demand for local mobile content, with the large number of internet users accessing the internet from their mobile phones. The question is no longer whether you should have a website and a mobile site?  It becomes, what content will users find valuable to interact with on their phone rather than on their PC?

The difference on creating content for web vs. for the mobile is defined by the user’s expectations. On the mobile web, the content is more linear, simple, quick and by definition transactional. Developing for mobile gives content owners a monetization platform that is unparalleled on any other channel.

Mobile bridges the gap between branding and response. It outlines who your audience is, and how they will interact with your content. It elicits the direct response that all brand campaigns need.

JAB failed to capitalize on a market that was already switched on to their content offering. Given the right campaign metrics, their digital campaign should have incorporated mobile with the content offerings such as:

  • A Makmende wap site that offers their music for downloads
  • Makmende videos for download
  • Makmende wallpapers
  • Ringtones
  • Ring back tones
  • True tones
  • Makmende mobisodes( which would have been a first in this market)
  • Makmende updates or SMS alerts based on UGC content provided by the community

I think Makmende failed  in getting the mobile revolution. The poor turn out on their latest efforts at creating a Makmende episode proves it. The mobile market understands the consumer mind set and the battle for the consumer’s mindshare will not be won only on having content, but on how you position that content, with compelling and seamless user experiences.

My take home: Ignore Mobile and Perish…

6 thoughts on “Has makmende died a sudden and irrevocable death ?

  1. this is a an excellent post. Indeed makmende has fizzled out somewhat? The brand took off online so they should push from that angle to revive him. I love your ideas on mobilizing makmende content too. Its time.

  2. Very true Centra.Just A Band failed to see an opportunity in the millions of mobile users who are hungry for content.Safaricom is already taking advantage of the millions of facebookers and has started the facebook challenge on the *544# ussd.

  3. Makmende video going viral on the The internet took the creators by surprise. I don’t think they had an idea that Makmende would be that big. I don’t blame them for that but they should have reacted fast enough to take advantage of the hype. Come up with something which could have lived beyond the initial fame. I like the ideas you have on what they should have done

  4. Views expressed are very true, and I am also at a loss as to why they did not capitalize on this venture.

    Good piece all in all.

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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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