creating a mobile marketing strategy

Why mobile marketing?

Mobile allows you to develop highly targeted campaigns with minimum wastage. As a medium it delivers performance on interaction and conversion, which impacts the brand. It  basically allows you to engage with your target audience wherever they go

The mobile channel offers a reach never seen before by any other medium. More people have mobile phones than landlines, mobile penetration is greater than TV, home internet access and personal computers. The mobile is ideally suited to bridging the gap between creating brand awareness and getting a response. It will not only help to  raise awareness, it also elicits a direct response.

How do you create a mobile marketing strategy ?

This involves  integrating  mobile into the your marketing mix to not only increase brand awareness, but also generate sales leads. Key mobile channels would be:

  • mobile search
  • mobile advertising
  • mobile promotions or polls
  • alert notifications
  • mobile web(wap)

Using mobile in the mix, advertisers go beyond exposure and ad recall and add a new dimension;  they create above-the-line advertising, provide instant and creative responses to sales promotions and can virtually deliver direct marketing messages to consumers  that are actually read.

Mobile advertising refers to display advertising, inserted usually in the stream of various mobile media. It could be wap sites, videos, games or music that are consumed by customers using their handsets. There is a unique depth to the interaction between a customer and their mobile phones,which provides advertisers an opportunity to build more meaningful brand interactions and relationships.

If you don’t have a mobile marketing strategy, get one. Integrate a single or multiple channel in all your marketing or advertising campaigns.  Identify key channels for strategic consideration, depending on your target audience, and consider other factors such as handset capability.

4 thoughts on “creating a mobile marketing strategy

  1. Thats very true centra.But all along you have centred on the good of the mobile,do you think there is no loophole for examlpe fraud?we have experienced thousands of mobile subscribers being defrauded of their hard earned cash by way of sms .could you elaborate.

    1. You are very right, in that sense. The thing that will prevent massive adoption and immediately is the perception that the mobile channel is not secure.

      Unlike other markets like say USA or UK, where mobile messages are encrypted within the network, Kenya’s GSM networks do not encrypt data. Voice, SMS and even transactions are not encrypted. Online transactions are currently more secure, than over the GSM network. What this means is that as you are making your MPESA transaction, someone with the capability to intercept your transactions could actually access your PIN, and your account details.

      Same over the USSD channels for banking. There is a big push by service providers to close this loop hole, and have data encrypted from sender to the networks and make it more secure.

      1. Thanks Centra that is very insightful.I am so liking your blog.I want to learn more about the digital market place and the mobile as a powerful tool of advertising and pushing sales.I guess the market has not been tapped maximally.

  2. While I don’t believe that mobile media will serve as a replacement for traditional media, I think it is gaining more weight, more and more attention is on mobile media like never before. In Africa and indeed all over the world, this market still remain completely untapped

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