there is gold in them thar hills

The mobile opportunity is bigger than this blog can even begin to dissect.  The aim of this blog is not just to point you in the direction to prospect for gold, but its actually me trying to work out what mobile service to strike the mother load with.

Why do i say that ?

Think internet in the  80’s. When it became a reality, and everyone was scrambling for a piece of it, but no one could have imagined the scope, or the fact that no one owns the internet. Think TV in the 70’s. VOK, to KBC to Royal Media now on to digital broadcasting. Think about the evolution of media.

The internet proved to be beyond our wildest imagination. Its only becoming more clear in our market as we get connectivity to the villagers, that we cannot follow the global trends.  Mobile is not the internet re-packaged. Thats where most of us go wrong. we think, i can do this on internet, so why not translate to the mobile the same. Eink… wrong. The mobile phone is currently the secondary source of all internet connections outside of the office. The demand is going to be for more mobile based browsing.

The ubiquitous nature of the mobile phone makes context awareness, user experiences and credibility the key factors of mobile success.  These are the back bone of mobile commerce; convenience and trust. Users must be able to access your services right now, when they need it. There must be integrity of process, in that they can trust their transactions will be safe. 88% of Kenyans would like to buy goods online and pay using mobile money transfer service.

What are the top mobile predictions for 2010:

1. Mobile Network Operators(MNOS) will prioritize content downloads to mitigate losses from declining ARPU( Average  Revenue Per User)

2.Mobile Advertising to set foot on the market, mainly predicted to be World Cup 2010 driven

3.Mobile commerce:  mobile payments and money transfers to be key growth drivers

4. Local content will carry the day

5. Smartphones will become cheaper, thus the need to develop local apps to service the growing market.

2 thoughts on “there is gold in them thar hills

  1. Very true Centra especially competition having become
    cut throat, ARPU in MNOs is going to be very crucial.But also awareness especially for those without high end phones to acquire them so as to enjoy the connectivity and simple access of goods and services over the net.

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