retail business goes mobile

Are you in retail business ? Does your business involve selling goods to people ? How many of those people have mobile phones ?…All? are you selling online ?  If you are not, then your retail business is on its deathbed! Predictions are that mobile internet will continue to grow rapidly in terms of penetration and frequency of usage.

Not only is your business behind, but the mobile consumer is already evolving.  Consumers are already creating the mobile consumption habit. They see it on their wap page, they want it, they buy it on the spot and pay via their mobile.  Customers have always defined the market behaviour. What’s the mobile market saying ? We want the things we want, when we want,and our mobile phone allows us to buy and pay for it now.

Why is the mobile web important to your retail business? Firstly, mobile is the access point to the internet for the developing markets. For Africa, internet=mobile internet.

Moreover the  key reason mobile trumps all other channels is  the ability to individually target customers with relevant content offerings. No other channel presents the ability to acquire customer profiles as easily as the mobile web. Customer profiling and segmentation is the key to successful marketing.

Next : How does a well meaning retail business sell itself on the mobile web ?

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