local content on demand!

Statistics for music downloads are that local content accounts for 70% while international downloads are at 30%.

Infact the most popular categories for music downloads are the Benga, Rhumba and Vernacular genres. What is surprising about this is that most download ads, do not actually target the 70% customer. They target the 30 % uptown, high end mobile user. While the actual customer is not sophisticated at all.

They are looking for a convenient music service, that delivers the experience they want, seamless and simple! Local content is what while drive mobile customer engagement as attested to by the East Africa article on We have the demand for local content, why not upload it? the topic. Check it out, and hopefully it spurs you to create a localised mobile service.

from consumers to converts

The biggest challenge any marketing campaign would have is how to convert the target audience to actual consumers.

Most Ads are geared to get you to buy only once. While the first sale is important, it does not necessarily of itself convert your target to consumers of your brand/product/service.

Most will buy from you once, but will not interact with you again. The thing that actually keeps your service afloat is the repeat buyers, those “converts” who already have a consumption habit.

Conversion for most products is only gained through consumer interaction. Unless your product is deemed as a necessity by the consumer, then you will be  hard pressed to create a consumption habit.