what is the mobile market place?

Customers are no longer pleased to be sold to! They are looking for solutions to their mobile lifestyle. Their life revolves around their phone.

The biggest growth area in Kenya currently is the mobile web, with an estimated 45% of all internet users accessing the internet from their mobile phones. According to researchers the mobile phone has surpassed the FM radio to become the most omnipresent electronic communications device in the world!

The mobile market place has become at once the simplest and easiest way to reach your customer, while also the most complex in terms of  engagement.

The next big thing for the Kenyan market will be mobile advertising. Something not yet tapped into.

For most companies mobile marketing has been a few thousand sms’s sent to random customers. Few companies have outlined a concrete digital marketing strategy, whose key pillar is mobile. Which they should, for the next war on the consumer mind share will not be won by the best ad campaigns on TV, Print or Radio…but the most engaging, well thought out SMS Ad campaigns!

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